Not My Job!

                “And Samuel said to Saul, “You have done foolishly. You have not kept the commandment of the Lord your God, which He commanded you. For now the Lord would have established your kingdom over Israel forever.” – 1 Samuel 13:14

As Christians we sometimes get confused with what exactly we are supposed to be doing. Sure, we know that we are to obey God and that we are to “seek first the kingdom” but what about everything else in our lives?

The world says build a career, become famous, enjoy riches and the church says build your ministry, enlarge your crowds, broadcast yourself on TV. But is that really what God wants taking up our time? Should that be our focus?  Is that really seeking the kingdom of God first? I don’t think so.

So are those things evil? No. It is the pursuit of these things that detours us from what God wants. Our goal should not be to seek out a great job, career, or ministry. Our goal should be to seek God’s kingdom.

Yeah, yeah, I already know all this, you might say. I thought I knew it too. I always tried to put God first. I learned how to pray about things before doing them. I learned how to set time apart to be with God. But, something inside me still felt like I had to make myself successful.

I wanted to have an awesome career and I wanted to be famous in what I did. I wanted to be successful and rich. I wanted to be the best, the top, the important person. These desires were all underlying and I didn’t realize they were totally there. I loved God with all my heart and I wanted to glorify him but I felt an instinct or obligation to make myself successful. It sounds terrible when I put it down on paper but I believe many Christians have those motives hidden and muffled

One day God spoke to me and said, “Ethan, your job is to obey. My job is to take care of your future and your destiny.”

Those words drastically changed my perception on life. I suddenly realized that God would build my career – whatever it was. I suddenly understood that all I needed to worry about was getting up each day, listening to His voice, and obeying. What peace comes with this revelation! It isn’t my job to survive or provide for myself – it’s God’s. He will take care of everything if we just obey.

So many Christians worry about getting food on the table or perhaps getting a job promotion. Why do we worry when it isn’t our job to do so? God will feed you and God will promote you. God will bring about the change and God will bring about the success.

Looking through scripture there are so many examples. One is Saul who sacrificed unlawfully because the enemy was all around him. It wasn’t Saul’s job to sacrifice just like it isn’t your job to build a career. Saul might have thought he was doing a good thing by sacrificing just like you might think you are doing a good thing by building your ministry. But the problem was Saul disobeyed. He didn’t think Samuel would come in time. He became fearful. This too is the root of our problem; we aren’t comfortable letting God be in control, we don’t think He is actually good enough to care, we don’t think He will come in time, and we become fearful.

Let go of your fear and let God take control of your destiny and your future. It isn’t your job to make it big. It isn’t your job to plan out your life. Let it go! Obey His voice. He holds your future in His hands and He won’t let you drop. He cares. Oh how He cares so much for you! Rest and obey.