God’s Humor

Humor is a funny thing (no pun intended ;)). It is something we, as humans, readily enjoy. It is something I always want to incorporate into my movies and stories. But can humor have purpose? I want to make movies that glorify God – can humor glorify God? Can I write a comedy that brings just as much glory to God as Facing the Giants  or Courageous?

That is when I began to study and ponder God’s humor. And what I realized shocked me:

God’s humor . . .
· is impossible. He finds the impossible funny.
· is always purposeful. Jesus was always making a point. Nothing he did was meaningless.
· tests hearts.
· confounds minds.
· is unpredictable.
· never involves mockery.
· is in our weakness. He enjoys our weakness and finds it funny but not as a mockery. He loves to show how great He is through our faults.
· always involves love. Never hate.
· is always clean.
· is always true. He doesn’t delight in lies.

What are your thoughts? God’s humor is perfect. Man distorts His humor but perfect humor is God’s humor.

Can we write a comedy that tests hearts? Confounds minds? Is purposeful? Is in love? Is not mockery?

It is tough.