Starting the New Year

At the start of every year we find ourselves planning for the next twelve months. Whether for your personal life or for your business, this seems to be the season to plan.

Of course, we should know by now that only plans spelled out by God are of any consequence. So in this season we also find it necessary to seek God and seriously listen for what He says.

That is why, for the past couple of years I begin by fasting enterntainment and social media – twitter, facebook, enterntainment books and movies.

I find it good to rest everything except God. I find it rewarding in two ways. One, by clearing my head and making it easy to hear God. And two, by letting God know He is more important than all that enterntains me.

How can we plan if we don’t hear God? How can we hear God when our lives are cluttered by things? Give up the things.

What better way to start the year?