Pure & Simple Show

Have this great idea for a show.

The show would be about 15 minutes long and would be a series of marriage counseling sessions. Of course it would be a comedy.

I’ve got my characters in my head. I’ve got the first episode script drafted. Now where to I go from here? I’m not sure yet. Life has been so stinkin’ busy I have barely had time to sleep!

I’ll try and keep you posted. By the way, I went to Asia this summer on a mission trip. Loved it.


Short Story – Another Day of Homeschooling

I look out the window and sure enough – it is snowing! I get up from my desk for a better view out the window. The snow is coming down slowly yet steadily. I can feel the cold coming off of the window and I see the stiff earth; concluding the snow should be able to accumulate on the ground.

“If only it had done this during the night,” I sigh as I turn back to my school.

Fifth grade math is not what I want to do right now. I rub my forehead as I try to focus. Why does the book give you so many problems to complete in one day? I suddenly hear footsteps and I turn to see John entering my room.

“It’s snowing,” he comments.

“I know. I wish I didn’t have to do school today!” I say, letting out an even longer sigh. Why does school always seem to get extra hard when something exciting is happening?

John leaves the room and I glance over my math. Cross multiplying fractions isn’t seeming to click. I turn to my English and see it’s more verbs and adverbs. I was thinking of a few at the moment – swiftly sledding or perhaps joyfully freed!

I get back up out of my chair, back to my position of gazing out the window. Joy and Hope won’t be able to come over again today since they had just been here yesterday; John is leaving for work around noon; and the snow won’t be high enough to sled until maybe tonight.  I guess I don’t have anything else to do so I might as well draw out my school work.

The minutes fly by and soon Mom is out walking. I open up my history and begin to read about the dark ages. I feel like I can relate to the dark ages at the moment. I still haven’t completed my math or English.

“I guess I should go do my chores,” I eventually say after History has lost its interest as well.

My chores consist of the dishes, sweeping the floor, and taking out the trash. I usually do this while Mom is walking that way I can crank the music way up while I work.

It is twelve-thirty and I am finally done with my chores. John is gone for work and I am home all alone. I fix my lunch and am finishing up just as I see Mom coming up the steps to our house, back from walking. I sit down and look out the window at the snow still falling. How I would love to be outside right now.

Mom comes in the door. I look at the clock and see it is almost one. I take a bite of my sandwich and watch as Mom unravels her scarf and unbuttons her coat.

“Is it cold outside?” I wonder.

“The temperature is dropping. The wind makes it cold,” she replies.

“I wonder if we’ll get enough to sled on,” I say.

“Oh,” Mom says, as if I reminded her of something, “the kids will be coming over today. Andrea and I will be going shopping.”

I am in shock. “What time?”

“She said she’d be by at two.”

My mind races. I have only finished History and Bible and another chapter in my book which wasn’t exactly school. I gulp down my lunch and race upstairs. I only have sixty minutes to finish the rest of my school work.

I quickly pull out my math and begin completing the problems. Next, it’s on to English. I’m not sure I understand what I’m reading but I get through this as well. My last subject to complete – science. I haven’t even opened my science lesson today. Hopefully it isn’t much.

I open the lesson and see a very long lecture followed by fifty questions! Of all the days! I look at the clock once again, it’s ten till two. I sigh and turn to my lesson. I’m never going to make it if I read the whole lesson word for word.

“I’m just going to have to get the gist,” I say out loud. I quickly begin scanning the lesson and grabbing the main points. Then I move on to the problems. Ten minutes and fifty problems later I am done! It is amazing how much you can learn what a lesson was about by just answering the questions!

Just then I hear Joy, Hope, and Josiah ascending the stairs to my room. The snow is still falling, I notice so I might just get to play in it after all.

God’s Humor

Humor is a funny thing (no pun intended ;)). It is something we, as humans, readily enjoy. It is something I always want to incorporate into my movies and stories. But can humor have purpose? I want to make movies that glorify God – can humor glorify God? Can I write a comedy that brings just as much glory to God as Facing the Giants  or Courageous?

That is when I began to study and ponder God’s humor. And what I realized shocked me:

God’s humor . . .
· is impossible. He finds the impossible funny.
· is always purposeful. Jesus was always making a point. Nothing he did was meaningless.
· tests hearts.
· confounds minds.
· is unpredictable.
· never involves mockery.
· is in our weakness. He enjoys our weakness and finds it funny but not as a mockery. He loves to show how great He is through our faults.
· always involves love. Never hate.
· is always clean.
· is always true. He doesn’t delight in lies.

What are your thoughts? God’s humor is perfect. Man distorts His humor but perfect humor is God’s humor.

Can we write a comedy that tests hearts? Confounds minds? Is purposeful? Is in love? Is not mockery?

It is tough.