Ever Had a Dream That Just Won’t Die?

It has been said that if you can imagine your dream fulfilled then you’re not dreaming big enough. Well, I guess that’s been my philosophy with PBMP (Peace Builders Media Productions). Who knows where it will take me but that’s the great thing about a dream isn’t it?

In Mark 10 Jesus says all things are possible with God. This is a big statement for those who are afraid. If Jesus was telling the truth (and we know He was) then the sky is the limit for us believers! So why not let God’s dream (which is entirely huge) become our own dream?

In the Gospel of John, Jesus repeatedly says, “Ask anything in my name and I will do it.” What?!!!!! That’s craziness right? But if Jesus kept saying it then I guess we ought to start doing it. Why not ask for big things? Why not dream big? Why should I put a limit on what Jesus wants to do for me?

My dream for PBMP involves a college for the arts, a school for upcoming movie directors, a place where Christian actors can work in a pure environment, a hub for Christian media and creativity, and a company that produces amazing films, TV shows, and books. These are just some of the things I see in my dream.

“But your dream is just your own imagination,” you might say. But what if God took my imagination and made it His own desire too! What if He was the one who gave me this crazy, wild, huge dream? I guess we’ll wait and see.

What is God dreaming through you?


Pure & Simple Show

Have this great idea for a show.

The show would be about 15 minutes long and would be a series of marriage counseling sessions. Of course it would be a comedy.

I’ve got my characters in my head. I’ve got the first episode script drafted. Now where to I go from here? I’m not sure yet. Life has been so stinkin’ busy I have barely had time to sleep!

I’ll try and keep you posted. By the way, I went to Asia this summer on a mission trip. Loved it.

Walk-Through Video

Okay, so I just finished making my third walk-through video of a house for a construction company. I can definitely see some areas for improvement but practice makes perfect!

This video actually took about five hours to make. One hour to shoot and four hours to edit.Used a tape log for the first time and that really helped in sorting out the clips. Could have taken longer without the tape log.

Also, I tried out some homemade equipment on this video such as a homemade dolly and a homemade boom for the camera. I don’t think I’ll be using either one again next time. I’m sure I can build some better equipment next time. 🙂

Anyway, here is the video:

Starting the New Year

At the start of every year we find ourselves planning for the next twelve months. Whether for your personal life or for your business, this seems to be the season to plan.

Of course, we should know by now that only plans spelled out by God are of any consequence. So in this season we also find it necessary to seek God and seriously listen for what He says.

That is why, for the past couple of years I begin by fasting enterntainment and social media – twitter, facebook, enterntainment books and movies.

I find it good to rest everything except God. I find it rewarding in two ways. One, by clearing my head and making it easy to hear God. And two, by letting God know He is more important than all that enterntains me.

How can we plan if we don’t hear God? How can we hear God when our lives are cluttered by things? Give up the things.

What better way to start the year?

Hijacked and . . .

Ever had an idea revive itself over and over? Hijacked has sort of been that way.

After making Bailey’s Park I was desperately eager to begin working on my next film. Unfortunately, God made me wait . . . and wait . . . good thing is, patience comes naturally with me (ha!).

In January of 2010 God finally gave me the story of Hijacked I began putting it down on paper. I literally soaked that script in prayer. I prayed before I wrote, while I wrote, and after I wrote. I knew that God was the only one who could make it a successful screenplay (cause I certainly couldn’t).

Finally I finished the script. I could tell it wasn’t perfect but I also knew God had helped me tremendously. The imperfections had come from me and anything good had come from God working through me. Now all I need was for God to provide the finances to the movie!

I waited. For one whole year I waited.

I finally decided I was going to announce the casting call at our church. I was tired of waiting and I felt I should step out in faith that God would meet me. That Sunday morning, God stopped me and I knew it wasn’t His will so I didn’t go through with the announcement.

God, I thought, isn’t Hijacked from You? I have sought You and prayed and fasted. Is it just not time?

I died to Hijacked, feeling God wanted me to let it go. So I did – I let it die. Every now and then I would think, “Maybe it’s time now.” But it never came to fruition. I let it die.

Well, over two and a half years after getting the plot, I’m going to enter the script into a contest. I found out about the contest early October and the deadline is November 2nd. If I had known sooner about the contest I would have worked on something new butHijacked was the only thing I could submit as “ready to go”.

It may be nothing and there is a big possibility they won’t like Hijacked. It could be controversial and may not meet their criteria of “uplifting.” All I know is that in the past two weeks as I’ve been working on perfecting the script I’ve had a strange sense that the script will one day make it to the screen. Maybe through this contest (http://kairosprize.com) or maybe through my own production company.

Then again, this could be the last time I ever try to “revive” Hijacked. God knows. I just felt I should to put these thoughts on paper. Sorry if they seem meaningless. 🙂